| November 18, 2014



“An exhilarating sci-fi debut”-KIRKUS REVIEWS

The Otherworld is an invisible world that exists alongside, but unseen by, the living world. Here, the Hyndlers idly regulate a game of judgment to be played by the dead: 5 missions or die. But when Van, an antisocial dropout runaway, is murdered and called to the Otherworld, the Hyndlers make their first move in centuries.

Teenage Van had lived his life as the forgotten son of his family and the pariah of his peers. Now reduced to nothing more than an angry soul, he is hunted by the Hyndlers for reasons unknown. Desperate to survive, Van finds unexpected help from Diana, a happy-go-lucky girl with a checkered past. Learning that he can return to the living world after completing 5 missions in the Otherworld, Van begrudgingly partners with Diana. Although initially annoyed with her, Van can’t help but open up to his cheerful yet enigmatic teammate. His days in the Otherworld take on a dual purpose – save his soul and steal a few moments with the girl that is his only friend. Thanks to him, Diana has an ally in the unforgiving Otherworld; thanks to her, Van is finally able to color his once bleak world. But little does he know that, to leave the Otherworld alive, he must not only confront his history of familial abuse, but abandon the resentment he holds for people…

…or lose everything he’s started to care for.

Re:Volver details the journey of a frank but disgruntled youth to overcome his assumed hatred for others and rediscover the identity he had thrown away. An emotional young-adult thriller, it is a page-turning adventure that will appeal to both reluctant and veteran readers.

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