30 Silver – (Urban Fantasy/Paranormal)

| November 18, 2014


30 Silver - (Urban Fantasy/Paranormal)

An Urban Fantasy/Paranormal

˃˃˃ 30 Silver Synopsis <<<

Jarrod Morris thought that he could change the world. But after his junior year of college the pressure was just too much for him, and his future came to a screeching halt. So Jarrod moved back home to Los Angeles to help out his disorganized, well-meaning but slightly crazy mother whose job as a psychic keeps things unpredictable in the worst way. After a bit intervention from fate at the local dog park, Jarrod’s path crosses with the mysterious, beautiful Eden, who teaches doga classes–that’s right, yoga with dogs– and despite the oddity of her profession, Jarrod is smitten. He sets out to stalk her around Los Angeles, showing up and fumbling his way into her life and into her heart. Meanwhile, Jarrod himself is being stalked by an unstoppable force that he has no idea even exists. In fact, Jarrod’s mom’s strange behavior actually has a purpose, and oftentimes it’s been to shield her son from his secret lineage; their family are descendants of Judas Iscariot, and an immortal Roman soldier is closing in on their location in a search for the original thirty silver coins from Biblical times. As Jarrod’s relationship with Eden grows and deepens, he finds that she too, has secrets of her own. She’s not just a beautiful yoga instructor from the dog park. She’s actually an angel fallen from grace. More strange things begin to unfold as Jarrod learns his life isn’t normal at all, and there are bigger things to worry about than dropping out of college or dealing with his mom’s clutter. In fact, he’s got to run for his life, or risk facing a foe that has searched for the most infamous purse for over two thousand years.

˃˃˃ 30 SILVER (Series Overview)<<<

Hunted by an immortal Roman solider, a modern-day descendant of Judas must find the original thirty silver used to betray Christ. Aided by a fallen angel who falls in love with him and her reluctant brethren who have an agenda of their own, Jarrod soon learns that his Biblical pedigree comes with a curse he never knew existed.

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