Cruel Comfort (Evan Buckley Thriller #1)

| November 19, 2014


Cruel Comfort (Evan Buckley Thriller #1)

Evan Buckley’s life is going to hell in a handcart. His wife disappeared five years ago, and, in his job as a small-time private investigator, he spends his days—and nights—poking around in life’s grubbier corners.

After his latest case goes disastrously wrong, he finds himself thrown by accident into a long-dead investigation—one that everybody wants to stay that way. When Linda Clayton’s boy disappeared without trace ten years ago— shortly followed by her husband—everyone jumped to the same easy conclusion: the husband did it.

Unfortunately, no one ever showed Evan how to do easy, and he vows to uncover the truth—and in the process hopes to find some relief from his own tormented past. As he digs deeper, he’s forced to go up against Matt Faulkner, ex-Chief of Police, to find out what he’s hiding—and who he’s protecting. As the suspense ratchets up, Evan is caught up in a desperate fight for his life as he plunges headlong towards the cruel comfort that awaits them all.



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