Made with Love: I Love You Forever (A Modern Contemporary Romance Book)

| November 20, 2014


Made with Love: I Love You Forever (A Modern Contemporary Romance Book)

Meet Julie Quinn, Madison Ave. climber and soon to be Mrs. Bradley Scholer, the drop-dead genius behind those daring Voguespreads. Like her bestie, Kate, Julie is the quintessential New Yorker: bright, bold, and hell bent on the future, and now, on the eve of her 30th birthday, she’s this close to being home in every sense of the word. Her parents, god rest them, would be proud. But life never plays straight.

Just as Julie’s about to cash in on her dreams, she looses everything–her career, her fiancé, even her faith in the future. Hope finds its way to her in the folds of a letter from Ireland. Julie’s grandmother–a woman she’s never met–has named her in her will. She must travel to the Aran Islands to uncover the future that lies in her family’s past. In this comic romance, Julie rediscovers what it means to say “I love you.” A guest in her estranged (and embittered) aunt’s home, she finds herself embroiled in island drama and a creeping affection for the resident heart-throb, the scruffy country vet Michael Reilly. Torn between her old life in New York and the pull of her ancestral home, Julie must ask herself What if home is a place I’ve never been?

Made with Love is the #1 Chick Lit novella on with more than 3.5 million readers. Thanks to our fans, Julie’s holiday romance will soon be a Motion Picture!


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