The Secret of Creating Your Reality: How to Live a Flourishing Life

| November 21, 2014


The Secret of Creating Your Reality: How to Live a Flourishing Life, Downside of The Herd Mentality, The Power of Your Thoughts

Before you start reading or thinking of reading this book. I want to tell you that  – You are a Creator ! you don’t believe it? Ok, let’s imagine it is raining outside and you have to decide if this is a pleasant thing or a unpleasant thing. There is no right or wrong answer for this question, but the point of this question is for us to understand that we have the power to perceive the world in a way that supports us instead of against us.

A lot of us are skeptical on the idea that ” We Create Our Reality “, because the majority of the people are unaware of the fact that we give meaning to almost everything. The biggest challenge for us is figuring out how to be fully aware of our own thoughts. It’s only when we are capable of understanding our own thoughts and beliefs, then we can start to improve our overall quality of life.

In The Secret of Creating Your Reality, Grace Scott will introduce some very important topics that are extremely crucial.

The Herd Mentality – It does not matter if you are aware of it or not,  most people are influenced by their peers to adopt certain behaviors, follow trends, and/or purchase items to fit into the society. In this chapter, you will find out how the herd mentality can affect you in an extremely negative way.

Your Emotion is the Compass – We’ll discuss how our emotion is like a compass. It always guides us to the right path. In the society that are living in,  people are suppressing their emotions and just follow the herd which lead to depression at the end.

You are the Creator – In this chapter, you will find out how you can refocus your thoughts, energy and resources on the things that matter the most to you, so you can begin to see the world with a completely different lens.

In this powerful guide, you will learn exact steps to improve your life by understanding our perceptions, thoughts and emotions. You will begin to find out what it means to create your reality. It’s time to take back the control of your life and to start a journey towards a better, happier and more purpose-driven life.


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