Precious Priorities

| November 22, 2014


Precious Priorities

A plane crash. Two women, strangers to each other, on the edge of dire decisions. And the changes survival makes in their lives—this is the heart of PRECIOUS PRIORITIES.

Kim, a wife and mother, refuses to settle any more when it comes to love and marriage. Surviving the plane crash has cleared the fog in her head and the frustration in her life.

Tori has garnered a coveted soccer scholarship but her dreams are turning to dust—she’s discovered she’s pregnant. Before the crash her choice seemed obvious, but now, caught between her family values and her baby’s daddy,Tori’s decision isn’t as clear now.

Life isn’t always fair, but Kim and Tori have the chance of a lifetime…what will they do? What would you do?

Note: A few spicy scenes between the husband and wife.


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