The Devereaux Disaster (Susquehanna Virus Series Book 2)

| November 22, 2014


The Devereaux Disaster (Susquehanna Virus Series Book 2)

Retired secret agent Jeremiah Jones travels to the Moon with his former enemy, Elite Ops trooper Jack Marschenko, to find his abducted son Joshua. But Jeremiah’s mission goes haywire almost immediately. Elias Leach, the head of CINTEP, and Jeremiah’s former boss, is behind the abduction and has constructed obstacles to prevent Jeremiah from recovering his son. Elias needs Joshua and his fellow cadets to attack specific targets on Earth. He believes that only an attack from an outside force like the cadets can unite the world’s warring nations. However, unbeknownst to Elias, the cadets he programmed have begun to devolve and they have no intention of following his directives. Further, after Jeremiah is gravely injured, he is infected with the Susquehanna Virus in a desperate attempt to save his life. Can Jeremiah stop his son and the rest of the cadets from attacking Earth? Can Walt Devereaux and the genetically enhanced Escala help? Or is Earth doomed? The Devereaux Disaster is the thrilling sequel to The Devereaux Dilemma.


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