Chronicles Of Kilix (The Chronicles Of Kilix Book 1)

| November 26, 2014


Chronicles Of Kilix (The Chronicles Of Kilix Book 1)

Book 1 in The Young Adult Action & Adventure – The Chronicles Of Kilix

Book 2 – Taken ->

In the year 2055 society suffered from a technological blackout on a global scale. Forced to destroy all advancements in technology; humanity had to start over by getting rid of all the legacy code that ran and powered every artificially intelligent system world-wide. Forty years later trouble brews in the city of Tribon when sixteen-year-old Kilix stumbles upon some left over legacy code and uses it to build himself an unbridled Artificial Intelligence.

Kilix begins his freshman year at a new school in the city of Tribon. With a clean slate, he hopes to create a new image for himself leaving his past behind. Trouble begins when a group of kids become suspicious of his unnatural abilities in the beloved Virtual Reality game of Slam Ball. Struggling to keep his biggest secret under wraps, Kilix’s mother’s health begins rapidly deteriorating forcing Kilix to risk everything.


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