The Love Bug (A Code of Love)

| November 26, 2014


The Love Bug (A Code of Love)

Christian. Fiction. Romance

What Do You Do When Love Bytes?l

San Antonio’s most eligible bachelor, Dr. Lionel Webber and lead detective, Erica Allen discovers what it means to bitten by The Love Bug, only this bug could lead to a harmful virus impacting millions.

Each with a bleeding heart, mere chance pits Lionel and Erica face to face with both reality and destiny. Caught in a chase where the hunter becomes the hunted, it will be hard to determine if true love does indeed exist.

Erica Allen’s Lieutenant, presents her with an ultimatum, close more cases or get fired.

Being assigned to a high profile case, in an effort to prove herself, Erica is determined to catch the perpetrator but along the way she catches something else, the heart of Dr. Lionel Webber.

In a world of cybercrimes and fraudulent activity, the stakes are high but when love takes control and hacks into your life, the rewards for falling in love far outweigh the risks.

Throughout their romance, both Lionel and Erica will realize there is an unwritten code to being in love as they relentlessly go hard in the paint to preserve it.

Get ready to be smitten as you fall in love with The Love Bug.


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