Human Circle: A Heartwarming Fairy-Tale Novelette

| November 26, 2014


Human Circle: A Heartwarming Fairy-Tale Novelette (Do you spook German? Book 0)

Do you need a little love and adventure in your life?

Then this modern-day fairy tale might be just what you need.

Fairies do not exist – or at least that’s what Pete, a German anthropologist whose passion lies in debunking myths and mystical creatures, believed. Just until recently…

On his final case to debunk a fairy sighting in Ireland, Pete gets the surprise of his life. A terrified beauty, who claims to be a fairy princess on the run from her power-hungry fiancé, literally falls into his arms just outside the fairy circle that he was investigating. Something didn’t add up in her story. Intrigued and against his better judgment, he agrees to hide Belinda from her pursuer. He really shouldn’t have, because now his life and his heart are in mortal danger…

Curious? Then treat yourself with a copy today.


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