The Girl Who Fell Into the Sky: A Retelling of Grimms’ King Thrushbeard

| November 27, 2014


The Girl Who Fell Into the Sky: A Retelling of Grimms' King Thrushbeard (The Noah and Clare Chronicles Book 1)

When seventeen-year-old Clare King, star of the Bachelorette-style reality TV series “In the King’s House,” wakes up on her wedding day, she knows only two things. One: That she is about to marry a complete stranger, a beggar off the street. And two: That her tyrannical father set the marriage up. Forget love. Clare’s on-screen wedding is all about ratings and creating false identities via airbrush booths and proper scripting.

After her father’s plans for her wedding day go awry, Clare is forced to go on the run with her new husband. But what could have been a disaster turns into something else entirely when this rich-girl-turned-beggar’s-wife takes unexpected refuge among the dregs of society. In the process, Clare uncovers a nasty secret. The unlikely key to solving this riddle leads her back to her father and back to her former life with devastating consequences.


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