The Page Turners: Blood (The Page Turners Trilogy Book 1)

| November 27, 2014


The Page Turners: Blood (The Page Turners Trilogy Book 1)

Have you ever felt abandoned by your parents? Ignored by your teacher? Betrayed by your peers?

Do you feel more of a connection to the characters in the books you read than to people
in the real world?

Have you experienced the loneliness of being the only person in your little community who dreams of something bigger?

Nate Bourdain has.

In The Page Turners: Blood, Nate and his friends are thrilled to discover an ancient book of magic hidden in the school library–they now have the means to stand up to villains that make high-school life such a battle.

But, when the book’s dark magic releases a fictional killer into the real world, the teens must prove they have what it takes to be heroes, or fall as bloody victims in their own horror story turned real.

Read the book critics are hailing as “the first book in a must-read series”, and the bold announcement of “a new voice in young adult horror”.

The Page Turners: Blood is Freaks and Geeks meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and
a sure hit for fans of The X-Files.

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