Earth Pack Rules: Her Alpha Lovers Part One

| December 1, 2014


Earth Pack Rules: Her Alpha Lovers Part One

Earth Pack Rules: Her Alpha Lovers

Part One in the Four-Part Alphas Werewolf Shifter Romance Serial

Jack Harrison and Grantham Wells are co-alphas of the Earth Pack, and they’re on the hunt for a suitable female mate. In the Earth Pack, the triad relationship between two alphas and their mate is sacred. It not only ensures the next generation of leadership, but also facilitates continuous harmony within the pack.

Since all women of marrying age in the Earth Pack are already promised or married to their significant others, Jack and Grant have taken their search outside the peaceful confines of the Oregon farming community. After Jack’s sister consults her crystals–and dearly departed Great Aunt Matilida–Jack and Grant find themselves in the middle of the decadent Drift Resort in Las Vegas. The resort is a vacation haven run by shifters and caters to both shifter and human clientele.

Curvaceous Roxi Calabrese is werewolf without a pack. On purpose. As the only daughter of the Blood Pack alpha, she’s expected to be the prize in the Suitor’s Brawl. All eligible males battle each other until only one remains standing–and takes the prize, literally, right in front of the pack. Roxi’s response to that bout of idiocy is to ditch her pack and take a job at the Drift Resort. Unfortunately, the heinous Sara, her mother’s right-hand bitch, finds her and tries to convince Roxi to return–by blunt force.

Then the very hot alpha werewolves Jack and Grant rescue her.

The threesome’s attraction is darn near combustible. But after the bed sheets are shredded and the furniture broken, one question remains: Can two Earth Pack alphas convince a feisty Blood Pack female to be their mate, in both body and soul?

Her Alpha Lovers contains very hot sexual scenarios between two gorgeous alpha werewolf shifters and their curvaceous lady. These super sexy installments are meant for readers who are 18+.

Please note: This is the first episode in Her Alpha Lovers, a five-part werewolf shifter BBW romance serial. These stories are meant to be read in order. Thank you.


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