PREMIUM LIFE: A Bobby Jacobi Mystery

| December 4, 2014


PREMIUM LIFE: A Bobby Jacobi Mystery

Bobby Jacobi was once San Francisco’s finest until he lost his hand rescuing a kidnap victim. Retired and divorced he finds love and a new career working as a life insurance fraud investigator. When what appears to be a clear cut case suddenly turns suspicious, Bobby’s old cop mind wakes up. The deeper he digs the stranger the case becomes, until he trusts nothing – not even himself. By the end of his search Bobby finds himself lost between the truth and what hides behind the veil of fog rolling in off the bay. There he tries to answer the question – what is the value of a man’s life?

Praise for Premium Life –

“My only frustration with the novel was that I started it when I had too much real work to do, so I couldn’t finish the novel in one sitting. Don’t you hate it when life intrudes on fantasy? This book gets my strong recommendation. If you love a great detective novel you must read Premium Life!”

– Don Houts, Men Reading Books Blog Review.

“This is an amazing read. Matthews has created a monster of a protagonist the likes of Jack Reacher meets Frankenstein. I loved this novel and can highly recommend it to anybody looking for the next generation of hard boiled detective novels. To say more would spoil the fun”

– Andrew McAllister, best selling author of Unauthorized Access.

“Wow! Just finished reading Premium Life. Outstanding. I found it difficult to put this book down. In fact, I didn’t. I read it in one sitting. It was a fast moving dramatic mystery story with compelling characters that deceptively results in an epiphanous moment of self-examination and reassessment of values. Looking forward to more in this series.”

– Jerry Shapiro, author of It’s Not Rocket Science.

“Matthews left me reevaluating the nature of right and wrong. A great detective mystery.”

– Toby Neal


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