Castles in Scotland: A Travellers’ Guide

| December 6, 2014


Castles in Scotland: A Travellers' Guide

Castles in Scotland – A Travellers’ Guide

Scotland is some country. Beautiful, historic and with a tradition all of its own. A bit part of that history and tradition are the many magnificent castles which can be found throughout Scotland attracting visitors from all over the world. No visit is complete unless the traveller sees some of these castles. I am no exception – I love Scotland. So I have put together this book to give you an introduction to twenty of my favourite Scottish castles. Download your copy to your PC, Mac, Smartphone, Tablet or Kindle device today.

All the top castles are included – a few are listed below though twenty are included in my book. The truly magnificent Edinburgh Castle high above the city watching over it. The Royal connection at Balmoral and many more. Whether you are planning on a visit to Scotland or just have an interest in Scottish history then you should enjoy Castles in Scotland – a Travellers’ Guide.

Here Are Just Some of the Scottish Castles You Will Read About Inside…

    • Edinburgh Castle


  • Balmoral Castle



  • Stirling Castle



  • Inverness Castle



  • Blair Castle



  • And another fifteen more Scottish Castles…….



A twenty castle tour in around 12,000 words. A brief history of each, main features, opening times.

Download your copy today!

You can be reading your copy of Castle in Scotland – A Travellers’ Guide within minutes by purchasing today.

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