The Time Merchant Cafe: Short stories with a brief view into the future

| December 11, 2014


The Time Merchant Cafe: Short stories with a brief view into the future

The short stories in “The Time Merchant Café” tell the tales of a select few patrons that visit the café and are offered a glimpse into their future. The caveat is that once they view their future, their decisions can now change it, by design or by accident. They all take that look. These stories tell how that glimpse changed their lives, favorably or fatally.

The waiter, if you can call him that, at the Time Merchant Café delivers a great cup of coffee along with a view into your future; if you accept his disclaimer. The offer sounds too good to be true so why not take a look? What can it hurt? The waiter warns you that once you see your future, your time-line is no longer fixed. What was once going to occur is now subject to change. It can be rewarding or make your life a disaster. Viewing a scene from your future may not be as promising as it sounds.

The waiter literally makes his living on how many years the patrons lose or gain by viewing their future. If a patron lives longer the waiter subtracts the number of years between the original time-line and the new one from his own life span. The waiter happily adds years when the patron dies earlier than planned. With all the years the waiter has gained, he will be operating the café for a long time to come with more stories to tell.

After reading these six short stories would you take that look into your future, if offered, or would you simply settle for the really good coffee?


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