The Chronicles of Moses: The Man who would be Pharaoh

| December 11, 2014


The Chronicles of Moses: The Man who would be Pharaoh

This is an epic fiction novel about the would-be Pharaoh forced into exile and torn apart from his beloved, who must struggle to avenge the injustice by challenging the might of his ruthless enemy and traitor, the Egyptian Pharaoh.

The narratives reveal the identity of the later Israelite leader. How he set about compiling his new religious ideology from ancient cultures and traditions. Events in the epic go on to probably answer many baffling questions, including the mystery of the deadly Nehushtan Bronze Serpent. Who were the original Israelis? Where did the Exodus begin? What gods did the tribal Levite priests represent? Who led the internal turmoil against Moses including his abduction and what were the consequences? The death and secret burial of Moses.

Interspersed into the tale are Moses’ achievements, failures and personal conflicts; his passionate love for the first royal woman in his life and his marriages to other women.

The epic “The Chronicles of Moses”, moves between the ancient Egyptian history available from the writings of the New Kingdom, the 18th Dynasty of the Pharaohs reign, and the character of Moses in the Bible.

Systematic research and plotting have resulted in plausible, exploratory and action-filled events which serve to regale, enlighten and challenge readers to revelations afore unknown.



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