The CEO’s Surprise Christmas Family

| December 12, 2014


The CEO's Surprise Christmas Family

Delayed holiday flights = Second chance at love?

In the holiday romantic novelette, The CEO’s Surprise Christmas Family, a self-made millionaire, Colin, has spent months regretting the blase’ way he treated, Hannah, a hard-working, beautiful single mom, he shared a single night of passion with at a wedding the previous summer.

When Colin runs into Hannah months later at a busy airport during the holiday season, he sees the opportunity as a chance to at least redeem himself a little in her eyes.

But will Hannah, still feeling the sting from the past summer, be willing to open her heart once again to the man she never forgot…but wished she could?

Approximately 18,000 words.

Include a bonus read of the first chapter of Tabitha Foster’s novel, Sweet Temptations and the Surprise Billionaire.

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