Sweet Somewhere ( First Series : Christmas in Paris )

| December 12, 2014


Sweet Somewhere ( First Series : Christmas in Paris )

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Charlotte DeMarco remembered the first time she’d laid eyes on Paris just three months prior.

During Christmas time, however, the city lit up and seemed to sing with joy.

It was as if travelers came from all over the world to fall in love and the city brought out the ambiance in the holiday spirit.

There were glittering lights everywhere and couples were joined, hand-in-hand as they meandered down the elegantly lit streets. Since arriving to study abroad in September, Charlotte made an English speaking friend named Pierre and he’d treasured how they met up at local cafes after class was over.

They would rehash the day, but Charlotte mostly mused about his broken, but smooth English accent.

“You are on quite the adventure in Paris, yes?” He offered, peering over his coffee mug to a demure Charlotte dressed in all black.

Her turtleneck sweater met her dark chestnut colored hair and accented her emerald green eyes.

She blended in quite well with the locals, but it was of something in which Pierre played a role.

“Yes, I certainly am,” she said, smiling at her friend and taking a sip of her hot chocolate.

The weather was growing colder and the blustery wind made her long for her home in New York City.

“You share a class with a handsome man named Jean LeFleur,” he said as if trying to gauge her response.


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