Buzzworm (A Technology Thriller): Computer virus or serial killer?

| December 12, 2014


Buzzworm (A Technology Thriller): Computer virus or serial killer?


A vicious computer virus infecting the CIA is not only attacking and destroying US security systems – it has now learned how to kill people as well. Panicked, the Feds break an eccentric virus-expert out of prison to team up with CIA insider and hacker, Mary Ellen Duke, to hunt down and destroy the ‘trojan worm’ called Buzzworm. They know if the virus spreads, critical networks all across the globe are threatened: financial systems will crash, military technology will be useless, and power grids and hospitals will fail.

The Washington Homicide detective assigned to the deaths within the agency, bull-headed luddite Gregory Hyde, traces the killer to an armed compound in the wilds of Virginia. But not before Buzzworm threatens his family, fellow officers on the Washington police force, and even goes to war with Homeland Security.

Based on insider information gleaned from interviewing technology and virus experts working within the CIA and Mossad, Theo Cage brings this fast-paced roller-coaster ride to a thrilling climax.

“I think you’re a great writer and your ability to have a character driven thriller is very impressive. You really have something great here…”

Peter Washkowitz, Inkwell Management, reviewing Buzzworm


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