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| September 28, 2007


As most of my regular readers have probably noticed, I have an affinity for kitschy 60’s Television programs. I just noticed 5 things, I have in common with Get Smart.

1. Gadgets I love electronics and anything that makes life easier or more convenient.

Max Had:

  • Shoe Phone

  • Cone of Silence

  • Invisible Wall

  • Invisible Chalk

  • Martini & Olive Radio

  • Cigarette Lighter Gun

  • Finger Gun

  • Tear Gas Pen

  • Electric Mosquito

  • Too Many To Mention

2. Passwords, I have a moleskin notebook filled with passwords. Control and KAOS used passwords and phrases all the time.  Such as the following:

The Grateful Dead are alive and living in Beverly Hills.
Simon and Garfunkel fell off the Tallahatchie Bridge.

3. Multi Tasking – I usually have several different projects going on. Although I focus on one at a time. Max had way too much going on. Better focus would of probably prevented most of his bumbling mistakes.

4. Things don’t always go as planned. In the end, things always worked out for Max. Staying flexible and having the ability to revise your plans, is a must for blogging.

5. Knowing when not to say something. I try to edit out wordiness. Keep my site clean enough for the kids to read, and end my posts on a positive note. Self Editing is a super important blogging skill. Max would never talk about anything confidential, without the cone of silence, the portable cone of silence, or the umbrella of silence (used in England).

Bonus Question: Barbara Feldon was known as Agent 99. What was Maxwell Smart’s Agent Number?

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  1. Dana Wallert says:

    Chief, that would be Agent 86! Ah, Get Smart, I have a feeling they’ll butcher the movie remake, but we can hope :)

  2. Emma says:

    Hi Dana, Welcome to It’s Write Now, you have just answered a bonus question. Therefore you get a bonus. A shiny new spot on my blogroll. I hope you’re comfortable there. :smile: