Science of Happiness: 30 proven techniques to live a happier life

| December 13, 2014


Science of Happiness: 30 proven techniques to live a happier life

Use the Science of Happiness to Live a Happy Life

Discover 30 proven techniques to become happy

Do you want to learn how to be happy?

Do you want to apply scientifically-tested techniques to life a happy life?

If yes – the Science of Happiness the book for you. It offers 30 days of happiness activities and insights from positive psychology; delivered in a structured format and with many examples and personal stories. It’s the right blend of evidence-based strategies and stories. Here’s what you will take away from the Science of Happiness:

Make a real, positive difference

That’s what makes the Science of Happiness stand out. It’s packed with real-life activities and exercises that are not only scientifically tested but also easy to use. At the core, the Science of Happiness is a practical guide to enable you to become happier. It’s not only written to make you understand how to be happy. The ultimate goal of the book is to help you actually make a positive change in your life.

Rely on the research evidence

Science of Happiness is not just another self-help book about happiness. You will learn to use insights and strategies that are scientifically test. Hundreds of scientific experiments from positive psychology (= the science of happiness) have been done to prove the techniques work and really do bring more happiness to your life. The research evidence is the quality label on the Science of Happiness.

Feel the difference – in 30 days

The structure of the book is unique. It will take you through 30 days, each day with another activity to engage in. After this 30-day happiness project, you will certainly see a noticeable difference in your life. You will have learned a wide range of positive psychology strategies: You will engage in a series of writing interventions, techniques to cultivate positive emotions in your life, mindfulness, self-compassion, and kindness. We will also learn about the common mistakes people make when they pursue happiness, how positive emotions affect our brains and much more. After the 30-day period, you will see a difference.

About The Author

Manuel Kraus is an expert in the field of positive psychology and one of only a few people in the world holding a Master’s degree in Applied Positive Psychology. His research focuses on happiness strategies (so-called positive psychology interventions). In the Science of Happiness he brings all his experience in teaching positive psychology into writing. He also teaches positive psychology in workshops and seminars, and is the author of a series of online courses about happiness. Everyone reading his books will be affected by his passion to bring more happiness to the world. He is devoted to teach positive psychology and make a positive difference in other people’s lives. And when he’s not trying to change the world, you will probably find him cycling or playing the ukulele.

Start living a happy life and grab your copy today.


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