Buried In Benidorm (Max Castillo Mysteries Book 1)

| December 13, 2014


Buried In Benidorm (Max Castillo Mysteries Book 1)

Conflicted ex-priest-turned-detective Max Castillo doesn’t want to get involved when a big-shot turns up dead at a local golf course. But his former employer is calling in an old debt, and soon Max is neck-deep in gangsters, grifters and girls with grudges. A decades-old secret could hold the key to solving the case, but can Max figure it out before one of them leaves him … Buried in Benidorm?

A note from the author:

The main character of this novel is an agnostic ex-priest who is at extreme odds with organized religion and conflicted about his own belief systems; this is a significant part of his narrative. If your religious convictions are an important part of your life, he may well irritate or annoy you, and I would suggest you might enjoy Liam Quinn’s adventures instead (and the first one is also free.)


LH Thomson


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