Frayed Crossing: A Supernatural Romance Novel

| December 15, 2014


Frayed Crossing: A Supernatural Romance Novel

Frayed Crossing (A Supernatural Romance Novel)

“In that one moment I had to decide… was I going to love Ahmalie or believe what all logic and reason told me, that she was nothing more than a figment of my imagination?”

Colton Brady always considered himself to be a rational man. He’d worked hard to overcome his dark past and he thought the ramifications of his former drug addictions were behind him. But just as everything starts to come together in his life, he experiences visions of a doorway rimmed with light, which no one else can see. His sobriety and his sanity are questioned by his fiancée, Susan, his psychiatrist and himself. Despite this, curiosity overcomes him and he enters the doorway to discover Ahmalie, a young woman he is uncontrollably drawn to. Now Colton must decide if he’s willing to risk everything, including his sanity, to be with Ahmalie in this realm which may or may not exist.

FRAYED CROSSING delves into the clash between what the world says is right and what the heart says is right. It is a fresh, gripping Supernatural Romance with unexpected twists and turns that will leave you hungry for more.

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“As I read through this book I couldn’t help but find a number of ways I could personally relate to Colton. The lessons he learned through his struggles are similar to many of the lessons I am learning about real life right now. The author’s imagination and creativity behind what Colton goes though in this story did what I believe really good books are supposed to do. It took me to a completely different world that I didn’t want to leave and, though the ending completely caught me by surprise, I was pleasantly satisfied by the end result. Definitely a must read!”– Thepulsiphyer

“I found this novel to be entertaining, and very engaging. This was one of those books that I started and didn’t put down until I finished. I noticed a couple of different themes in this tale of Colton Brady. This, to me, is a story of a man’s struggle with inner demons. Although Colton’s inner demons are related to a past fueled by drugs, then a present filled with delusions of sorts, it can be related to anyone’s. We all have battles that we face, and sometimes it is a fine line we walk not to give into them. This story illustrates the line between giving in and staying strong. It is never an easy battle, nobody is perfect, we all have things within ourselves that we strive to work on and better. I believe this is a central theme to this story. His confusion between following his heart, and following what society expects is something we can all relate to at some point in life.

In addition to that, another thing that struck me is the power of what some may call true love. To be willing to give up everything that is tangible and real to entertain a construct, a feeling, is very powerful. There is no guarantee that his love will work out, yet it is a force that is driving him to give up everything else in his life. A huge leap of faith and very risky, yet one that many people take all of the time.”

Jessica Curry

“As a neuroscientist I found this book to be very compelling. The thought that a person could be experiencing psychosis and actually prefer it had never occurred to me. The author does an amazing job at keeping you guessing what is real and what is not. I found the experiences of the main character to be a completely new insight into the human mind that was a scintillating mind bender.” –AJ

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