A Courtesy Call (Green Division Series Book #2)

| April 13, 2013


Courtesy Call (Green Division Series Book 2)

Raleigh Jo Dawson, bad girl poster child for the rally racing circuit, was on a downward spiral. Seventeen years spent behind the wheel, coupled with the loss of her co-driver, left Raleigh dangling over the edge. After begging her team’s manager to give her a short reprieve, Raleigh and her assistant Aiden head for her home state of Maine to relax at an upscale lodge. The reprieve would prove far from restful and leave Raleigh on the run. Running from the past and running from herself.

Rigid Maine Game Warden Sergeant Michael Kerr’s life was at a plateau. After his daughter left the nest for college, Mike’s home had become unbearably quiet. Due to the demands of the job, Mike’s personal life had become laughable. So, Mike consumed himself in the only thing he could, his job. A job he deeply loved and couldn’t picture a life without. While on routine patrol one peaceful day that would all change in a fraction of a second. A change that would leave him clinging to life and the police in search of who caused the tragic event.


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