I Love My Mom – Over 50 Cute Animal Babies with Their Mothers

| December 17, 2014


I Love My Mom - Over 50 Cute Animal Babies with Their Mothers: A Celebration of Motherhood

Over 50 Super Cute Animal Babies with Their Mothers

Fun for Kids and a great gift for any mother’s!

This celebration of Motherhood, includes an extensive collection of incredibly heart-warming photos of baby animals with their mothers … each with matching reasons why we love our moms so much.

This unique combination of stunning photos with heartfelt sentiments, makes this book a great gift for your mother, the mother of your children, or any of the many mothers in your life who deserve a celebration of motherhood that is guaranteed to make them smile.

Some of the animal mother/baby duos you will meet in “I Love My Mom” include:

Tigers, Polar Bears, Horses, Gorillas, Cats, Sea Otters, Giraffes, Dogs, Koalas, Rhinos, Rabbits, Lions, Elephants, Llamas, Flamingos, Zebras, Hedgehogs, Walruses, Pandas and many, many more (all devastatingly cute and cleverly captioned).

Get this book for your kids and get a copy for your Mom … it will make her smile and touch her heart.

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