Riding The Apocalypse

| December 19, 2014


Riding The Apocalypse

Imagine your entire life being turned upside down in a matter of hours. Everything in your life that held utility was now worthless, and your only currency is your will to survive.

Remy is trapped. His quick thinking in a moment of desperation has ostensibly sealed his fate. His sudden imprisonment has a left him a prisoner of this zombie outbreak. Remy is not a natural born warrior. He does not possess a proclivity for firearms, hand to hand combat, or the timely decision making skills so many storied heroes displayed in times of great struggle. In short, he is not the ideal candidate to exact revenge on the forces behind this Apocalypse. Remy, and his loyal friends must face this zombie horror, or meet a bloody end. On this journey of discovery and horror alike, Remy willfully casts himself at the creatures manifested from this zombie apocalypse. Will his personal fortitude, and love for a woman be enough for his survival? Will self actualization, and an attempt to exact revenge become part of a bigger picture, and facilitate a recovery of the human race? Is zombie survival Remy’s only remaining priority? Can this dystopian world be saved? Or is it, over?

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