Love In The Falls – Sam & Camden (New Beginnings Series – Romance)

| April 28, 2013


Love In The Falls - Sam & Camden (New Beginnings series Book 3)

Camden Lane is three months away from her wedding to Preston Donnelly. From a rich family, she is expected to marry the handsome doctor and “make something of herself” after taking a year off after medical school. One fateful day, she decides to go with her friend, Natalie, into the north Georgia mountains to hike near a waterfall. This excursion will change her life forever.

Sam Steele is a hard working farm owner who goes on his first date with Jenny to hike the falls. When tragedy strikes, his life will be changed forever too. 

This unique love story will have you rooting for two people who had no idea how their paths would cross in life. Can Camden learn to let go of her family’s preconceived notions about others and what she should be doing with her life? Can Sam overcome tragedy and get his life back on track?

If you are looking for a sweet and unique love story, Love In The Falls is it!

Here’s a real reader review from Rachel Hanna’s Facebook fan page:

I just finished reading Love In The Falls!!! BEST love story!! I
have enjoyed all 3 of your books!! I believe you are my new favorite
author. 🙂 I love reading about the Georgia mountains (maybe because
I’m a Georgia Girl). I love the love behind the stories. I love that
they are not trashy or include too much drama. I love how they do not
go on and on with twists and turns so that I get lost. I love that
these books draw you in from the beginning and keep you glued to the
story!! THANK YOU THANK YOU! Can’t wait for more!!”

Here is a small sample of this book, which is 28,926 words:

The mountain air was crisp and cool as Natalie and Camden got out of her car. Camden was happy to be able to stretch her legs after the long car ride. She loved Natalie’s car in the city, but it wasn’t a great vehicle to take on such a long trip. At five foot six inches tall, Camden wasn’t exactly a tall person, but she had felt folded up inside of the Volkswagen for two hours.

The foliage in the mountains had already changed to shades of yellow, orange and gold which were breathtaking in their beauty. Camden remembered driving up to see the fall foliage with one of her high school boyfriends years ago. The mixture of colors was unlike anything she had ever seen.

Camden took in a deep breath of the mountain air as she closed her eyes.

“The city never smells this good,” she said to Natalie with a smile.

“I know. It’s invigorating, isn’t it?” Natalie said looking up at the trees in front of them. “Ready to hike?” she asked shutting the car door.

“Yep. Let’s do it,” Camden said as the pair started walking toward the paved pathway. Just then, the women heard a large truck pull into the parking lot. Out of it came a tiny blond woman with a miniskirt and a handsome and very tall man.

“Wow. Look at him. He’s very good looking,” Natalie said with a grin. “A little stubble, tousled hair, cowboy boots, tight jeans…”

“Nat! Think of Bruce!” Camden said giggling as she softly punched Natalie’s arm.

“Hey, I’m not the one who’s engaged!” Natalie said with a belly laugh. Her laugh was so loud that the man noticed them, and his eyes connected with Camden’s. For a split second, she felt an electric shock rock through her body.

“Mornin’, ladies,” he said tipping his well-worn baseball cap. His gray-blue eyes cut right through the cold Georgia air.

“Good morning,” Camden said quickly as she turned and walked toward the pathway. Natalie struggled to keep up with her.

“What was that about?” Natalie said as she caught up to Camden.

“Nothing. Just ready to hike.” Camden wasn’t sure what that strange feeling was in the pit of her stomach, but she knew if she looked at the handsome stranger for one more moment, she might be tempted to find out.


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