The Girlfriend Checklist

| December 25, 2014


The Girlfriend Checklist

Hey man – it’s Kevin.

I know you’re itching to get started with The Girlfriend Checklist, but first, let me ask you a few very simple questions:

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could…

• Hack into a girl’s brain, so that you can fully and truly understand what sort of mental processes she’s going through, especially when it comes to her becoming your loyal girlfriend?

• Know when to pre-emptively dump a girl before she dumps you, so that you have the power, instead of being rendered completely powerless? Not to mention all that embarrassment?

• Find out what she’s thinking, so that you can fully and truly understand what sort of action you need to take to make sure that you constantly remain one step ahead of her at all times?

• Find out if she wants to be your girlfriend, so that you can fully and truly understand whether or not this is the girl for you to spend all that time, money, and effort winning over?

• Find out if she just wants sex, so that you can fully and truly understand whether or not you should be dating this girl, or just hanging out with her so you can give her what you both want without spending the extra time, money, or effort?

• Find out if your FWB situation is about to go haywire, so that you can fully and truly understand whether or not to cut your losses quickly before you have a real mess on your hands? Save yourself the hassle of a girl gone crazy?

• Have all of this information neatly packaged for you in a simple, concise, succinct guide that is only 30 or so pages, and comes with an actual checklist that you can use to find all of those things out?

I thought so, too.

You see, after I learned the GFAS (Girlfriend Activation System) by Christian Hudson, I began using the GFAS immediately – incorporating it into my dating life, and taking girls through the system. What I discovered blew my mind, and what eventually came to be is the actual checklist that you’ll see later on in this special report.

I noticed when taking girls through the GFAS, that they were experiencing something so powerful, so unique, and so proper that they were almost in a state of shock. Who is this guy, and where did he come from? In a lot of cases, these girls would ask me where we were headed after a certain point – womanese for, “I want to be your girlfriend.” Success! The system works! However, while in several cases the system seemed to work, there were several other girls who would leave without wanting to be my girlfriend, at all.

I began to ponder, began to wonder why this was the case, and that’s when The Girlfriend Checklist was born. The very checklist I wish I had years ago. I can’t imagine the number of girls I wouldn’t have wasted my time, money, or effort on just to get dumped in the end. If I had access to this amazing checklist, everything would have been so different. I could’ve been the one to do the pre-emptive dumping. And even then, it wouldn’t have been dumping – it would have just been the next logical step for both of us. Win-Win. No one gets hurt.

The truth is, it’s hard to find this kind of information anywhere else. To the guys who have already seen this information – my private clients and students – their whole lives have changed. They no longer need to wonder, they just follow the checklist as a step-by-step tool to getting the girl. It really is as simple as that. And for the women who’ve taken a peek at The Girlfriend Checklist? They’re stunned that I was able to decode and hack into their brains, decipher what was going on, and then condense it down into a special report that any many could read and follow.

Fact of the matter is, this is privileged information, and many women out there will be downright upset knowing I’ve released this to the world. It’s not that women don’t want you to succeed with them – they want that more than anything. But the paradox in her brain is to also have POWER over you. Well, power over you NO MORE.


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