Mash Up

| November 18, 2016


Mash Up

“Klingler makes supreme use of his tech knowledge in a grisly mystery that strives to address the ethics of content ownership. His effortlessly clever prose makes the subject thoroughly entertaining…a thoughtful, well-constructed tale.”—Kirkus Reviews

Qigiq faced failure before, but the last time felt different—like the world had packed its technology bags and left him behind. So he trades his Fairbanks job for a temporary assignment with one Kandy Dreeson: a young, talented, rule-bending, detective on the San Francisco police force. Kandy energetically embraces the role of helping her new partner learn how criminals use modern technology to commit crimes that didn’t exist until the 21st century.

Their first case begins with the arrival of an Amazon box at the apartment of a college musician who hysterically claims the creepy contents belong to her cello-playing, recently-gone-missing roommate. After Qigiq’s life is threatened, more musicians receive “gifts,” and a new kind of virus is detected on the World Wide Web, Qigiq worries he is once again in over his head.

“Klingler is skilled at writing action scenes. He puts the reader directly in the line of fire, and he doesn’t let up…Anyone interested in thrillers or police procedurals will find much to appreciate in this newest Qigiq installment.”—Foreword Clarion Reviews (4 Star ****)

Follow Qigiq and Kandy on this riveting escapade as they strive to avoid very real-life stalkers while unraveling a web of cyber-clues: a shocking video on YouTube posted by F112358, a mysterious Internet-virus that appears to attack music fans, and the curious power of a craigslist ad.

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