Seattle Quake 9.2 (A Jackie Harlan Mystery Book 1)

| December 27, 2014


Seattle Quake 9.2 (A Jackie Harlan Mystery Book 1)

They knew it could happen – scientists had been warning them for years. Yet, nearly two million people living in the greater Seattle area went about their daily lives as usual. A Detective Agency thought they had found a missing woman, an upstart radio station was on the air, and an eccentric banker had just started a round of golf. Thousands were driving on freeways, shopping in malls, awaiting flights, working in downtown high-rises, and on buses in the bus tunnel.

They knew — they just didn’t believe it could happen to them.

(This book is dedicated to Ham Radio Operators all over the world who open the lines of communication after a disaster. Although the technology may be a little out of date, this book still honors their hard, behind the scenes work.)


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