In The Thieves’ Market

| April 23, 2013


In The Thieves' Market

V.S. Cawthon’s debut critically acclaimed novel, In The Thieves’ Market, is a brilliant literary narrative, focusing on the psychological and physical struggles for survival faced by two middle-aged brothers over the course of one scorching north Florida summer.

The brothers confront old demons and fresh challenges in approaching the next, and last phase of their lives together. The younger brother has been diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma, his alcoholic older sibling is struggling to survive financially while trying to maintain a near-bankrupt flea market sterling silver business.

An absolute must read for anyone interested in truly original prose style. V.S. Cawthon’s unique voice and literary vision commands attention.

All great literature is driven by conflict. This remarkable story has plenty of it — the younger brother’s battle with a nightmarish chemotherapy regimen, the older brother’s commercial struggle to the death with an unethical gypsy competitor/predator — and the culmination of the summer’s struggles, while bittersweet, lead to a cathartic understanding between the two formerly close siblings, and emphasize again the need, never ‘to go gently into that good night.’


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