Vacation With a Star (Contemporary Romance)

| December 29, 2014


Vacation With a Star (Contemporary Romance)

Melanie promised herself never to date musicians again, after her boyfriend and aspiring rock star Nick brutally broke her heart. When pop icon Daniel Howe unexpectedly visits her favorite Italian restaurant and tries to invite her for a date she brushes him off and shows no interest. Daniel has everything in his life including money, fans and fame, but he doesn’t have true love. When Daniel first sees Melanie he feels a spark and decides that he needs to try to build a relationship with her regardless of his hectic world tour. Suddenly Melanie receives a two-week vacation in Greece as a present from her company, however when she bumps into Daniel at the resort hotel she realizes that he actually orchestrated it all. Beneath the Greek sun they begin to fall for one another and Melanie starts to believe that perhaps Daniel is more than his pop star persona. Just when Melanie is ready to let the world know about her relationship with Daniel something unexpected happens that can either break her heart completely or make her the happiest person in the world.


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