Torn By The Immortals: Part 1 (Immortal, Vampire, Angel)

| December 30, 2014


Torn By The Immortals: Part 1 (Immortal, Vampire, Angel)

Torn by the Immortals

Part 1

Samera is just an ordinary girl with a werewolf for a best friend, living in a time where only a few know that Immortals exist. She is happy living her normal life, until one day she and her best friend wake up with no memory of the last 3 months!

Thrown into a world where many are trying to kill her for what she cant remember, will the Charming Angel Caleb sent to help her be able to protect her in time? Re-tracing her steps Samera also needs help from the arrogant but very sexy bartender and vampire Griffin who may know who attacked her.

Will Samera regain her memory in time to stop whoever is trying to kill her? Can she avoid the frustratingly sexy Vampire? What happens when you can’t get two Immortals of your mind?

Torn By The Immortals: Part One is a Novella. It is the first entry of a six part serial following the journey of Samera, and her friend Riley getting their memories back. Samera is helped by a Charming Angel and a Sexy Vampire and so Torn By The Immortals contains strong sexual themes. It is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

It is not a standalone, and each episode may contain cliffhangers. Please read these stories in order.

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