Burn That Candle Down (The Rippled Reality Trilogy Book 2)

| December 31, 2014


Burn That Candle Down (The Rippled Reality Trilogy Book 2)

One signature will ripple her reality. Suffering from night terrors, Jessica participates in an extraordinarily compensated clinical trial. Implanted deeply within her skull by the Ventriloquist Dream Institute is an experimental dream chip.

After its first use, waking up she never recollected in no way imagined such lucidly was possible. A reoccurring dream, with a woman living in a box shaped room, colorless walls, ceiling, and base, illuminating them, painting a world that comes to life on a canvas from her painting, it seemed even more detailed and real. Not to come without a price though—involuntarily side effects from the dream chip were about to bleed over into her waking self.

Meanwhile Brad released from prison is taken to a shack to be prepped for surgery. A mysterious women introduced to him as Luna, frees him from his unasked for tampering. Sneaking away from his newly met rescuer, he meets Jessica in her back yard. Quickly forming a trust for each other, he convinces her to free herself from the dream chip she is suffering horrifying side effects from its attachment to her brain.

However, soon to be discovered she finds out that there is no cancellation policy for her clinical trial. As her dream world continues mixing into her, awaken self, exhausted with hallucinations, she searches for a way out.

Running parallel and can be enjoyed as a standalone book to “One Light Burning” Book 2 in the Rippled Reality Trilogy adds more depth and background to the trilogy to be concluded in book 3


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