How to Win in Trading: 24 Internal Secrets to Make the Money You Desire from the Market (Trading Outside the Box)

| April 9, 2016


INVEST 30 minutes of your free time and learn to hack your money subconscious so you can build wealth for good!

Let’s be honest. We all have limiting beliefs when it comes to money.

Have you ever whispered or said, “Money is not important, happiness is.”, “My family is not rich so I won’t be rich.”, “I am not good with money.”, “Rich people are evil.” or “Money is meant to be spent!

All of these are samples of limiting beliefs about money.

Know: The BIG Secret of wealth is inside YOU!

You have been investing money for some time. You make — and lose — some, if not a lot of your hard-earned money.

If you wonder why you cannot make money consistently, do not look too far for answers.

You want more. And you should.

Through a series of questions and personal search of your inner mind, you will be provided with the information you need concerning your trading.

The world of speculation is a cruel place for anyone. Investing stocks, trading Forex, futures, options, commodities. You name it.

To manage it you must be over the top, you must stand above the crowd.

The book will take you on — AND SIMPLIFY FOR YOU — a psychological journey of knowledge and awareness, in order to offer you the chance to make your trade business strong and powerful.

Trading psychology can easily be the most underrated tool in the world full of financial BS and drama. Few people pay attention to their money thermostat.

Little did they know that their wrong attitude towards money is the culprit of their dwindling trading account.

This book will challenge your money limiting beliefs and open your money brain.

What you will learn in this book might take your investing profits to the next level:
1) The correlation between the amount of money we will have in our life with our money habits and attitudes
2) The seven limiting beliefs about money that we all have or had.
3) How the limiting beliefs about money manifested in the form of trading losses, and how to prepare yourself for it.
4) Nine ways to set our money thermostat right and prepare ourselves to be profitable traders.

If you enjoy the unparalleled works of Mark Douglas, Brett N. Steenbarger, Alexander Elder, and Yvan Byeajee, you will find this book a delight to peruse as it simplifies what those legendary trading psychologists convey.

Have you ever pulled your hair out of frustration as you watched your trading account getting smaller and smaller?

You are confused. You felt that you have followed all the rules. You have a method. You have a trading strategy.

Yet you are still losing money. What’s going on here?

Maybe it is not your trading strategy. It is your psychology

Trading psychology is a tricky subject because it is intangible. It is not fancy. It does not have the “wow” factor unlike trading rumors.

But without the proper trading psychology, a trader or investor will never make it in the market, as the wrong psychology block them from making money.

We are trading for the money, which means our attitude towards money and our financial thermostat have to be at the right place.

Otherwise, we will short-circuit ourselves when we go through the market’s learning curve.

There is nothing to lose. Download this book today, devour it, and return it within 5 days if you don’t feel it is helpful. If you are a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, just borrow it today and return it anytime. You can’t lose either way.

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