Red Night: Timewalker Chronicles, Book 1

| January 3, 2015


Red Night: Timewalker Chronicles, Book 1

Win or die. She can never go home again…

Deception…Luke Lawson is walking into a trap. Brilliant, dedicated, and haunted by strange visions, he guards his mistake well, determined to eliminate anyone or anything that threatens to unleash his creation upon the world. But his enemy is vicious, smart, and oh-so-patient. He has been watching…waiting to strike.

Duty…Alexa wants no part of her family’s ancient bargain with the Archivers, nor does she want the ‘gift’ that makes her something more than human. But should she refuse the call for help, six billion people will die from a horrible bio-agent known as the Red Death. Sent through time to prevent the global disaster, she has three days to track down the man responsible and eliminate the danger.

Destiny…Alexa begins her hunt. However, once she meets Luke, her desire to save him becomes stronger than the cold logic demanding she kill him. The viral cultures are missing, Luke’s superiors are keeping deadly secrets, and the clock is ticking. Humanity’s very survival depends on them discovering the true enemy before it’s too late. Secrecy. Sedition. Seduction. They are playing a deadly game…and they can’t afford to lose.

(2nd Edition: Expanded and Revised September 2014!)


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