The Killing League (A Wallace Mack Thriller)

| January 5, 2015


The Killing League (A Wallace Mack Thriller)

In this tense, spellbinding thriller, a retired FBI profiler uncovers THE KILLING LEAGUE, a competition among active serial killers to prove who is the greatest killer, and learns that he and a woman whose life he saved are the grand prize.


“Move over James Patterson, Dani Amore has arrived! Fans of James Patterson will jump for joy when they read THE KILLING LEAGUE by Dani Amore. It moves at breakneck speed with sharply drawn characters in a plot that is absolutely riveting. The villains are horribly evil, and the heroes are real people you care about. It’s a cliffhanging, white-knuckled, red-hot thriller by an astonishing new talent.” –R.Mullens for

“Dani Amore writes fast-paced, gripping tales that capture you from Page One and hold you enthralled till the last word. She brings a strong, clear voice to whichever genre she chooses. This lady is one hell of a storyteller. Watch for her.” –J.D. Rhoades, best-selling author of Gallows Pole

“Amore is definitely one to watch.” — Edgar-nominated author Craig McDonald

“Dani Amore’s writing reminds me of the great thriller writers — lean, mean, no nonsense prose that gets straight to the point and keeps you turning those pages.” –author Robert Gregory Browne


Interview with Dani Amore

Amazon: You’ve had two bestselling mysteries in DEAD WOOD and DEATH BY SARCASM. Why write a thriller?

D.A.: Because some of the authors I most admire write thrillers, and some of my all-time favorite books are thrillers.

Amazon: Tell us about THE KILLING LEAGUE and how you came up with the idea.

D.A.: I’ve always been fascinated with competition and how it relates to human behavior. I also wondered if serial killers were competitive, and the research I did proved that a lot of them were (and in some cases, still are.) So then I thought, what if an active serial killer wanted to prove he was the best? How would he do it? How would he find other active serial killers and get them to compete? Who would the target victims be? The result is my thriller, THE KILLING LEAGUE.

Amazon: It sounds like it’s tailor-made for Hollywood.

D.A.: I was lucky enough to land an agent at one of the top agencies in New York. He loved the story and said it would make a great film. There has been a lot of interest from production companies, but having worked in the film industry in Los Angeles, I want the right director for the project.

Amazon: What other projects do you have coming up?

D.A.: I’m working on the sequel to Death By Sarcasm. It’s called Murder With Sarcastic Intent. And right after that, the sequel to Dead Wood.

Amazon: Where can readers reach you?

D.A.: First of all, my readers are the most supportive, fun, fantastic people I know. I love talking with them. And I do that regularly over at my website, Of course, I’m also on Facebook and Twitter.


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