Snowballs and Scotch Mist (The Belchester Chronicles – 3)

| January 6, 2015


Snowballs and Scotch Mist (The Belchester Chronicles - 3)

New Edition by Accent Press 2014

The batty old biddies are at it again…

In this third ‘cocktail’ mystery, Lady Amanda Golightly receives an invitation to spend Burns’ Night in Castle Rumdrummond in Scotland.

Although she is dismissive of the idea, her old chum Hugo is thrilled at the thought and, beguiled by the idea of wearing tartan, he uses his own brand of childish pleading to win her agreement to the trip.

Along with Beauchamp, her long-suffering manservant, and her friend, Enid Tweedie, acting as personal servants, the four head north of the border for a ‘wee break’.

It is not too long, however, before murder enters their lives once more, and they begin to suspect some very dirty dealing under the social veneer of castle life.

Bagpipes, haggis, tartan and kilts all make their appearance, as dastardly deeds continue through the snowy landscape. But Death has not yet finished with the houseparty.


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