Days of Derangement

| January 6, 2015


Days of Derangement


No worries. I haven’t been eavesdropping at your house. It’s just that we all seem to know the same cast of characters. That’s why the funny family stories in my books will feel so familiar…

For a limited time, the Kindle version of my newest book, Days of Derangement, is only 99 cents! You can also buy all 324 tummy-tickling pages in a paperback version.

You’ll pay more for a meal at McDonald’s, and my book won’t clog your arteries or coat your thighs with cellulite. It might be a challenge for your bladder,

“Jackie Papandrew is a genius at laughing at herself when she just can’t seem to get the motherhood thing down pat,” says Susan Heim, parenting author and Chicken Soup for the Soul editor. “If you’re a parent, you’ve really got to read Days of Derangement! These short stories can easily be squeezed into your busy day and bring a smile to your face when you’re feeling the stresses of motherhood and marriage.”


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