Love on the Horizon (A Northern Woods Novel)

| April 12, 2013


Love on the Horizon (A Northern Woods Novel Book 2)

The Colburn Stables Ranch had always been a large part of Nick Colburn’s life. As a quarter horse breeder and trainer, he cared deeply for his employees, and considered each one of them as part of his family. When tragedy would strike, he was always there to help in any way he could.

Nick’s best ranch hand, Jake, seems inconsolable after his wife divorces him, and now he’s going abroad to meet a mail-order bride. When Jake returns with a beautiful wife, everyone is pleased for him and he feels as though he’s won the lottery. However, both Jake and Nick soon discover the mail-order bride isn’t quite what she seems.

Nick, his wife and son soon find themselves faced with one mishap after another, until what every parent fears, disaster strikes…

A Northern Woods Novel

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