The Vanished–A Suspense Novel

| January 7, 2015


The Vanished--A Suspense Novel

He has to become a child killer to save his daughter’s life. 


On May 6, five-year-old Annie Miller goes missing in a park. On May 7, her father, David Miller, fails a lie detector test. On May 9, during a hypnosis session, David confesses to murdering his daughter and gives the police the location of the knife he used to kill her. The knife has traces of Annie’s blood and David’s fingerprints all over it.
Two weeks later, a man named Ben calls David and tells him Annie’s alive. Ben is willing to let the girl go, but first David has to do something for him–something that would land David in prison for the rest of his life.
Can David trust him?
Is Ben even real?

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