Football Is Like Sex! – Paul Day Chronicles

| April 13, 2013


Football Is Like Sex! - Paul Day Chronicles (The Laugh out Loud Comedy Series)

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“***** – Comedy gold!” –

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“***** – As well as the laughs you get his eccentric observations on football, sex, movies and lots more…” –

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Paul Day Chronicles – Football Is Like Sex!

(From the days of 2006)

2006 is one of those exciting even number years.

And that’s not just for people who have a phobia of odd numbers; no an even number year means a major Summer International football tournament.

What better way to enjoy the break from football – than to have more football!

Another chance for England to win a major trophy, and to stop that old, black and white “they think it’s all over!” clip being shown over and over again!

But, for Paul Day, would the distraction of tournament football be enough to give him a break from the, seemingly, never ending disasters that follow him around?

Taken from the comedy epic that is Paul Day Chronicles – Happily After Ever, this short adventure focuses on what happens when all you want to do is watch a couple of football matches.

Embarrassingly cringy, quirky, and laugh out loud funny, read along as Paul Day brings his own brand of life chaos to every situation he finds himself in.

Part of the award winning Paul Day Chronicles series – Happily After Ever was voted best humour / comedy book of the year by Laugh out Loud eBooks.


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