Rumble on Clydesdale Street: Life and Times

| January 9, 2015


Rumble on Clydesdale Street: Life and Times

Memoirs of the Life and Times of Kids Growing Up in Post-WW11 Era, Burnaby, BC.

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The autobiography of a young boy, Rumble on Clydesdale Street is a ragtag collection of stories that captures the essence of growing up in the Post-WWII Era. A historical capsule in time when innocence ruled and the freedom to roam was the norm. The stories are centered around the kids of Clydesdale Street, set in Burnaby, British Columbia, but it could be any street, anywhere, it could be yours.

Under the asphalt remain the memories of young children whose time in history leaves behind the spirit and energy that made Clydesdale Street special. The chapters herein breathe back to life those lively times when Clydesdale Street rang proud with the sound of innocence, games and freedom.

Written in a narrative style and voice as seen from the eyes of a young child there are moments to laugh with and at. There are chapters that can be best described as moments of truth and Clydesdale Street forms the basic foundation of these collective thoughts. In many ways it is a personal exorcism. A chance to engage honesty when honesty was pure. The fact that Clydesdale Street no longer exists gave cause to celebrate early childhood. A chance to give the little street, now buried under the highway of progress, one last ray of sunshine. Everything physical is now lost with time.

In memory to the life and times on Clydesdale Street, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada. Never to be forgotten.



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