All Who Wander Are Lost (Icarus Fell #2) (An Icarus Fell Novel)

| April 17, 2013


All Who Wander Are Lost (Icarus Fell #2) (An Icarus Fell Novel)

**Also available: On Unfaithful Wings (An Icarus Fell Novel #1)**

From the author of The Kindle Book Review’s Best Indie Books of 2012 Semi-Finalist, On Unfaithful Wings.

All Who Wander Are Lost (An Icarus Fell Novel #2)

“I am SO glad I stumbled on to this author&series! Unbelievably good. I couldn’t put either book down!”

“This book is a top-notch sequel to the trials in the life – or afterlife – of Icarus Fell. Without question, this is a triumphant return to the story of a man reformed as he struggles to survive in the space between spaces. Bruce Blake is fantastic with his ability to weave so many elements, twist and turns, into his work and there is no way any dark fantasy reader would not enjoy this second book.”

If we’re good, we go to Heaven; if we’re bad we go to Hell. No one wants to go to Hell.
Except one man who wishes people would just remember to call him Ric.

In the aftermath of a serial killer’s murderous spree, souls who didn’t deserve damnation went to Hell. The archangel Michael doesn’t seem concerned, but Icarus Fell can’t bear the guilt of knowing it’s his fault they ended up there.

But how can he save them when the archangel forbids him from going and his guardian angel refuses to help?

The answer comes in the form of another beautiful, bewitching guardian angel who offers to be his guide. They travel to Hell to rescue the unjustly damned one by one, but salvation comes at a cost and the economy of Hell demands souls.

Is it a price Icarus is willing to pay?

“Every once in a while a book has a gripping scene that stops me right in my tracks. This book has one such scene and it gave me goosebumps. I probably read it three or four times before continuing on. I highly recommend both of Bruce Blake’s Icarus Fell novels. You won’t be disappointed!”

“All Who Wander is a delightful urban fantasy romp. It has just the right amount of dark and gritty, but the author is careful to feed the reader tiny nibbles of hope to keep you going through the book. I tore through it in an afternoon and immediately went out and bought the prequel.”

Praise for “On Unfaithful Wings (An Icarus Fell Novel #1)

“Bruce Blake’s On Unfaithful Wings is a great urban fantasy novel. I love good character development in a story’s protagonist and Blake nails it with Icarus Fell.”

“This was a very engaging book. Author Blake creates unique and interesting characters that really made the novel come alive in my imagination.”

“The most important part of a book to me, as a reader, is characterization, and I was pleased to find the characters in this book had oodles of personality. The plight of the protagonist is moving and I like the grim, wretched flavour throughout the book.”

Also by Bruce Blake: Blood of the King (Khirro’s Journey Book 1)


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