God’s Remedy for Transforming Stress into Rest

| April 12, 2013


How to Handle Stress: God's Prescription for Turning Stress into Rest

Are you a Christian who wants to know how to handle stress God’s way?

Are you looking for rest that you know God can give you – but it still seems to allude you? As Christians, you and I both know that we live in a pressure cooker.

Is the stress in your health, finances, family, or job defeating your joy?

In How to Handle Stress, you will learn:

    There are many different hurts you might dealing with right now:

  • Learn how to identify your stressors
  • Study the 8 unhealthy responses to stress
  • Contrast task-master with God-master
  • Discover 9 practical steps to help you get rid of stress
  • Uncover the amazing key to making rest a part of your busy life
  • Hear some of our amazing stories from my childhood and adult life in Africa
  • Personal worksheet is included for helping you know how to handle stress God’s way

      You will learn:

  • God’s definition of hope as opposed to the human definition
  • A powerful resource available to you that only you can control
  • The inside scoop on forgiveness and how you can move beyond the hurt done to you to something more important
  • The importance of being interdependent rather than independent
  • How to transition the hurt into a growth opportunity for you
  • Here are the chapters inside “How to Handle Stress: God’s Prescription for Turing Stress into Rest:”

  • 1 – A Scary Mule Ride
  • 2 – Stress Affects the Whole Person
  • 3 – Identify your Stressors
  • 4 – Eight Unhealthy Responses to Stress
  • 5 – Cruel “Task-Masters”
  • 6 – Replacing “Task-Master” with “God-Master”
  • 7 – Commanded Sabbath Rest
  • 8 – Delightful Surrendered Rest
  • 9 – Amazing Key to God’s Rest
  • 10 – Nine Practical Steps for Transforming Stress into Rest
  • 11 – Bringing it Home: From Stress to Rest God’s Way
  • Every action step includes a real life story example to help you apply the lesson to real life.

    Would you like to know more about God’s prescription for turning stress into rest?

    This is not just theory. This is your life!

    Now I am not a doctor or psychologist or therapist, but I am a lover of God who has learned through my own experiences and the experiences of those I love how to handle stress and turn it into rest. I want to share these truths with you. However, if you are clinically depressed as a result of your stressful life, it is not enough to read this book. Please seek the help of a professional.

    Download this book now to learn how to handle stress God’s way and feel the joy of turning your suffocating stress into rejuvenating rest.

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