Barnaby Smith

| January 14, 2015


Barnaby Smith

They always asked Barnaby, ‘Why do you want to fly?’ And he’d always reply, ‘Why do you want to breathe?'”

Six months after her son committed suicide by jumping off a roof, psychiatrist Dr. Martha Lewis claims that she’s ready to go back to work. She takes on a position at Brooklyn’s St. Joseph’s Hospital where she is given the charge of the most unusual Barnaby Smith. Barnaby has tried to fly, like a bird, his entire life. He has jumped off roofs nine times, he has broken every bone in his body … and he has been at St. Joseph’s, heavily medicated, for the past twenty-three years for his own safety. Mesmerized by Barnaby Smith, Martha makes it her obsession to bring this man back into life, to show him that life is worth living. If she can do that, if she can convince him, then just maybe she’ll manage to convince herself, too.

Join Martha and Barnaby on a most unusual quest that takes them halfway around the world in this story about life and death, love and friendship, trust and belief, compromise and freedom … and yes, the dream and the impossibility of human flight.


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