The Sheikh’s Daughter (Contemporary Romance)

| January 14, 2015


The Sheikh's Daughter (Contemporary Romance)

Sheikh Girgis, the king of Arabistan, wants to build the most advanced oil refinery in the Middle East and travels to Houston, Texas, in order to meet with a talented industrial architect, Jake Pierce. During his evening jog in Houston, Jake sees three men harassing a young woman and gets into a fight with them to save her. Jake escorts the young lady to the hotel where she is staying, and they both notice a connection between them. Jake gets the shock of his life the next morning when he meets Sheikh Girgis and sees the young woman that he rescued at his side. The sheikh introduces her as his daughter, Princess Amina. The sheikh hires Jake and after he arrives in Arabistan accommodates him at the palace. While Jake is working on the oil refinery he often runs into Amina. They enjoy spending time together and they quickly fall in love head over heels with each other. When Jake and Amina realize that the sheikh will never allow them to marry, they decide to flee to the USA on a private jet. After they are caught by security guards in the airport and brought back to the palace, Sheikh Girgis makes Jake an offer that is very difficult to decline.


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