Charlotte’s Wed

| January 15, 2015


Charlotte's Wed

Charlotte, a successful wedding planner (insert Jay-Lo joke here), is thinking of leaving her husband – her third husband. She has a talent for making everything look perfect, even when it’s all falling apart behind the scenes – great for weddings, not so much for marriages.

After deciding to take a break from her marriage for two months, giving herself time to decide its fate, her best friend and business partner Alice convinces her to see a therapist. A friend of her mother’s – Dr. Judith P. Wainwright is a tell it like it is therapist with a no nonsense approach that Charlotte does not take a liking to. Harsh and blunt, and branding a smoldering cigarette during every session, Dr. Judith P. Wainwright uses an unconventional approach to Charlotte’s denial about her marriages.

As her sessions with Dr. Judith P. Wainwright get more and more absurd, Charlotte continues to juggle crazy brides, her nosey housekeeper, and a teenage daughter dealing with an absent father (AKA James the Jerk). With great hesitation, and a mountain of excuses, will Charlotte face the truth, or end up in Divorceville for the third time?


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