CATastrophe (Animal Instincts Book 2)

| January 15, 2015


CATastrophe (Animal Instincts Book 2)

James Miller has a stalker. Weird thing is, it’s a cat. He hires Griffin Fitzpatrick, who talks to animals, to find out why an orange tabby is following him. But then Miler is murdered in a locked room, where the only occupants are the dead man and a live cat. Since he was prepaid, Griff feels an obligation to find out why the cat was following Miller and who the cat belongs to.

Griff works the case with Detective Sheila Green, whose feelings for him are much harder to understand than the simple purring of a cat. She informs him that Miller’s father-in-law also died in a locked room. And the mystery just gets more baffling from there…


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